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Home collect-and-mail test kits are advancing human healthcare. Now, pet service providers can generate new revenue and promote pet health to their patrons by selling ClueJay professional pet testing kits.

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Businesses seek to build trust with pet parents by recommending reliable, convenient and vet-approved pet health products. ClueJay offers a profitable way for a wide variety of pet service providers to meet the real needs of pet owners, and is ideal for: 

Boarding & Daycare


Sitting & Walking


In-Store Retail

Wellness Alternatives

Vet Nursing & Home Care

Vet Mobile & Virtual Care

Offer your customers the convenience and affordability of professional pet tests from home.  

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Founded By Veterinarians

ClueJay is a tech-enabled, animal health company guided by veterinarians with a mission to increase access to high-quality healthcare for pets.

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Dennis Chmiel, Owner/Vet and Molly